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Alex Morgan jerseys are all the rage across the country, not just because of his achievements on the field, but also because he is a New Jersey native. The soccer forward started out with the MetroStars and has gone to three MLS finals and one Supporters' Shield final. He has scored more goals than any other New Jersey native and is one of the favourites in the league for a number of reasons. A talented striker who can score from either corner or the box and is extremely comfortable distributing the ball, Alex Morgan brings a distinct style of play to the MLS that has endeared him to a number of fans in New Jersey and across the country. This article will give you some of his top attributes.

Personalty – Despite being born in New Jersey (again, no surprise), Morgan is a fierce competitor and has a genuine dislike for a New York sporting culture that he feels has taken away from what made him so successful. Despite a breakout year in 2021, his jersey sales have consistently tailed off, which may be a result of the amount of New Yorkers that commute to New York for work, making it harder for the star to be seen outside of a few MLS games or even at a local bar. The Jersey native wants to see change and is determined to help the team make a strong push back into the playoffs.

Outstanding Goalscorer – Alex Morgan ranks second only to David Beckham in the MLS in scoring this season. The England midfielder has five goals in his last seven matches, including a hat-trick in the Audi MLS Cup final against Vancouver. Although his strike partner Juan Pablo Angel has also had a great season, there is no doubt that Morgan will continue to put pressure on opponents and help the team to keep a high winning percentage. This gives New Jersey fans hope that their beloved native son will not leave the club anytime soon. In fact, many fans have already started referring to him as “The One” since he has become the face of the franchise.

Leadership – Perhaps the most important factor in determining how well a team does is the leadership within the group. The New Jersey Devils are led by Manager Bill Belichick, who has taken charge of the reins for the club following the retirement of Coach John Kraft. Since taking over the reigns, Belichick has shown a lot of passion for the team and its success. In fact, he has often mentioned how the city of New Jersey is his “away.” The former players like Wayne Rooney, John Terry and Chris Wondolowski have also offered their much needed guidance and leadership to the team. These are good signs for what the future of the club holds in the near future.

Right Reasons – Despite the team's impressive season, the New Jersey Devils still hasn't made the post-season play. Despite missing the first two months of the year with injuries, they finally got back on track in May, but were never able to get past the Seattle Seahawks. With a disappointing finish, this New Jersey wearer could use some of the following reasons: he needs a new jersey… or a new attitude.

So, What's The Score? In the end, it really comes down to a simple question. Is Alex Morgan the right person to pick to manage the fortunes of a team that has been playing down the figurative barrel? Fans of the team have many reasons to hope or be concerned about this. With a new attitude and a successful run through the postseason, it is possible the Devils will once again challenge for the ultimate prize in the Eastern Conference. The future of the club – and its numerous fan bases – are now in the hands of the man known as alex.

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