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The United States women's national team represents the greatest nation in world soccer. The team has been the top performing in world soccer, winning the most prestigious tournaments such as the Women's World cup, the Olympics, the FA Cup, and the qualifying tournaments for the FIFA World Cup. Now, the squad is preparing for their journey to Russia for the FIFA World Cup, which starts in June 2012. We are very excited for this great competition.

We know that our team has an array of talented female players, from players with both the speed and strength to those who have the skill but need some work on their technique. Our team has a variety of female coaches, which have each contributed a significant amount to their players' success. These women have each helped mold the women into the elite players that they are today. Some of these coaches have been training for many years, some only a few months.

One of our coaches is Jill Ellis, who has coached the team for the last three years. Jill has a masterful way of getting the girls to practice, which has enabled our team to build strength and fitness levels that are unmatched in our country. Jill has also implemented a great diet plan and an exercise program that keep the players motivated and helps keep them in great shape. A large majority of our soccer players are part-time players so keeping them in great shape, has always been a challenge.

Another great coach on our team is Cindy Ligke. She has brought the best from other teams and made them part of our own. When she arrived on the scene, there were many expectations and yet, none was higher than her own. As a result, we have blossomed into a diverse and talented group of players. Our goal has always been to exceed the expectations of the previous team that we represented.

Each of our players has displayed a level of dominance in our soccer games. In fact, some of our female players have reached the All-Star level right out of high school. All of us share a love for the game and this has produced some remarkable results. Soccer has helped us build strength, endurance and confidence. We all want to succeed in our national team and this has certainly helped us to feel connected to each other.

There are many more great coaches out there and we will continue to seek out new ones. We know that each of us possess the skills and the talent to succeed in soccer and yet, this can seem quite impossible at times. Each of us has dreams of playing in the USWLS. It is up to us to make those dreams a reality.


U.S | us women’s national team

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U.S | us women’s national team

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U.S | us women’s national team

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