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The United States Soccer Federation, also known as US Soccer, is organizations officially recognized by the United States government as the sole authority and representative of American soccer in its national capacity. The Federation was created as a non-profit public charity in November, 2004 and was created as an international not for profit society with a mission to build and maintain a healthy, competitive and progressive future for the game in the United States and beyond. It was created by and is governed by a seven member Board of Directors with the CEO being Mr. Philip Anschlag. The other members of the board are: Dr. George Stubblefield, Howard L. Martin, Thomas P. Diisher, Mike Volk, Jerry Lowder, and Brian Crammenos. The United States Soccer Federation manages its own budget and spends approximately seven million dollars on travel expenses each year.

A non-profit organization with its sole purpose to promote and grow the game of soccer, the Federation was formed by four men; Bill Poulos, Tom Fitzgerald, Roger Kelly and John Johnson. Each one of them have a varying degree of knowledge in different aspects of the game. Poulos is a former athlete and coach, a respected member of the club in Michigan and is active with youth and recreational soccer. Fitzgerald is a former college and professional quarterback who are actively involved in US Youth Soccer. He is also a trusted commentator for various sports talk shows and is one of the most recognized commentators in the world today.

In terms of history, the US Men's National Team has been playing soccer since 1950. However, the men's team was not very successful during that period, drawing two wins and one draw against Mexico. However, they did qualify for the Olympics in 1996 and made it to the quarter finals. Since then, the US Soccer Federation has had some success in qualifying for the World Cup tournaments.

As for the game itself, the US Soccer Federation has done a tremendous job of implementing rules, standards, and guidelines that are necessary for soccer to thrive. This has allowed the sport to move from being a regional sport to one that can appeal to people of all ages. For kids, it is essential that it is engaging and fast-paced. Adults love to watch it because of its entertainment value. There are even television channels dedicated exclusively to US Soccer.

The US soccer team is now made up of players that have the ability to play at the international level. These players include Clint Dempsey, Morris, Tim Howard, Michael Bradley, John Stockton, Chris Wondolki, Brad Davis and Diego Maradona. These players exemplify what it means to be a true American by overcoming obstacles and overcoming stereotypes. Each of these men represent the best of what the United States has to offer.

Soccer is a game of endurance and perseverance. This is what the United States hopes to instill in their youth. If soccer players will embrace the opportunity to excel at the game, it can surely overcome any prejudice and preconceptions they may have. Through the game of soccer, the United States and other countries can learn to communicate with one another and promote peace.

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