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In the summer of 2021, when MLS was just starting to get established, then-assistant-general manager Claudio Reyna was given the task of turning the newly-promoted AC Milan team into a championship team. Having played for both the Italian national team and in Spain and in Portugal, Reyna had a good idea of what the league's standard demands on its teams. But he also knew that qualification to the Champions League would take two different factors into consideration: team chemistry and player performance.

When MLS started, there were only six teams in it and they included big clubs from Europe like Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal. The leagues were also weak in terms of the quality of the players that were released from Europe, most notably Didier Drogba and Ruud van Nistler. The MLS did not expect this low quality of the player to come to their shores and even if many did, they failed to produce the same standards of performance that the European teams were producing. This put a lot of pressure on Claudio Reyna to change the philosophy of how his team would be operated and build a team that would become more successful if they could find a way to contend with the best.

When Reyna took over the helm, he immediately made changes to the team's style of play. In addition to bringing in a number of exciting young players, he also made it a point to rotate players to compensate for the quality that some players were bringing into the team. Through the end of the season, this would prove to be a great benefit for the MLS as the weaker teams became favorites and became a threat in the playoffs. This rotation system also served as a form of testing the strength of each team. If one team struggled in a series of games, other teams were able to weather the storm and pull through. Through this process, everyone learned something new about the game.

It was a struggle for Reyna and the entire coaching staff, but the salesmen from the different companies would finally convince the team. They believed so much in Claudio's abilities and vision that they all came together in a standing ovation for the retiring manager. The fans also loved what they saw from their favorite players after the move. They knew that they were getting their respected player back in the game, which is what every fan wants out of their team.

The Revolution needed a spark after a lackluster start to the 2021 season. They did not have the star studded lineup that they had in previous years, but they had a number of important players that brought the presence of professionalism to the team – which is something that many fans had grown to love and anticipate. The Revolution turned things around in a flash. They shocked the soccer world with their 3-1 victory over the New York Red Bulls, proving once again that they are a team not to be taken lightly. This was the turning point that would help the Revolution climb their way to the top.

As the team enters the off-season, they will look to improve upon last year's performance. It is doubtful whether or not the additions of Brazilian defenders Kaka and Gil dos Santos will be enough to change things, but they have to improve significantly if the Revolution want to take the MLS by storm. For now, the team has to hope that injuries to key players do not cause them to slip back into the rut they are in. There is always room for improvement, but it looks as if the Revolution has finally found its formula for success.

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